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Genealogy Supplies

Your Genealogy Supplies are going to be few, but some are going to be imperative. Genealogy is a lot of paper and when paper accumulates, we all know what the resultant chaos can be, particularly if you let it get ahead of you.

Some genealogy methods of organizing those papers take a lot of money and a lot of time to accomplish. Genealogy supplies can cost you the earth, if you elect to use some of the pre-made systems of genealogy forms. The truth is that it doesn’t have to cost you the earth and in reality, you’re better off it you do it your own way.

You will know what genealogy supplies you need if you focus on what you’re going to have to have to keep all of the names, dates and information in the right place. Using one of the pre-made systems tends to get complex and aggravating. Genealogy forms and methods of organizing them can be quite simple really.

Many of the genealogy methods of organizing seem to be far too complex and actually take up more time from your day than your research does. Add to that the complication of it all and you’re further ahead if you find your own way.

What works best for you for your genealogy forms might be shoeboxes, hanging folders, or forty piles of papers. (We don’t recommend this one, its too easy to mix up or accidentally drop to the floor)

For a simple way to get organized with your research, here is what the experts recommend for genealogy supplies.

  • A couple index notebooks for your key indexes
  • Page dividers to label key index pages
  • Numbered page dividers for the genealogy notebooks
  • Blank labels

What the recommended method of getting organized, is this ..

Leave everything where it sits right now. Whether its notebooks, shoeboxes or just plastic milk crates, don’t change it. Do however use some of those genealogy supplies we recommended to make sure that you note it all, what it is, and make sure that you’re going to be able to keep track of what’s in there. Genealogy forms are largely paper. Paper can tear, writing wears off and you’ve lost what you gained. Don’t risk it. Find some way to protect your genealogy forms, documents and photos.

Number the containers that you have, no matter what they are.. notebooks, crates or drawers, get them numbered and stick labels on them that show.. crate number one, crate number two and etc.

Whether you think it’s organized, disorganized or in need of improvement, doesn’t matter, use your genealogy supplies and label it. Then take the index notebook that you included and make notes of what is in each of the boxes, bags, drawers or other wise. Which genealogy forms, what surnames you’ve included in each place will serve you well when it comes time to have to dig them out for another project.

On the key index notepage, make sure that you include what’s in the box or other container and what surnames that you have included in that batch of research.

This is of course an oversimplified method of organizing your genealogy forms but it does take less cost in genealogy supplies and in the beginning, or for some folks even in the end, will be workable so long as YOU know where everything is and can access it when you need it.

Genealogy supplies don’t have to be costly and genealogy organizing doesn’t have to be complex so long as its working for you. Get your genealogy forms in order and make sure that you know what is where. As soon as you’re not able to find it, that’s exactly when you’re going to need it.

When you are ready, you may wish to use some family tree maker software to store the information you have collected and indexed for easy retrieval.

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