Tracing Your Genealogy

Free Genealogy Forms and Charts

Please feel free to download these free genealogy forms and charts. They will help you keep track of your research and information in an organised way, and present the results in a convenient and easily readable form.

To download a form, right click on the link with the format you require (JPG or PDF), select “save target as” and save it to your hard drive. You can then open the form and print it at your convenience. Alternatively you can click the link and the form will open immediately. If you want to print the form, select the Print option from the File menu and be sure to check the page orientation in your Printing Preferences.

5 Generation Ancestral Chart

The Ancestral Chart (also referred to as a “Family Tree Chart” or “Pedigree Chart”) will record the ancestors from whom you are directly descended. It provides a visual presentation of your progress, and the family members yet to be explored.

     5 Generation Ancestral Chart (JPG)

     5 Generation Ancestral Chart (PDF)

Research Log

A Research Log (also referred to as “Source Summary”) is a very helpful tool in genealogy research. It is a way that you can take a fast look at information that you’ve found for certain families or family members, and it lets you keep that information summary separate to each family. Create a new Log for every family group form that you fill out.

     Research Log (JPG)

     Research Log (PDF)

Family Group Sheet

A Family group Sheet (also referred to as a “Family Group Record”) is used to record every piece of information concerning a family tree and makes the compiling complete, accurate and connected families. For every marriage that you have included on the Ancestral Chart, you will also have a Family Group sheet that will give you a quick to use reference guide.

     Family Group Sheet (JPG)

     Family Group Sheet (PDF)

Adoptive/Step Family Ancestral Chart

Traditional genealogy charts do not accommodate adoptive or step families. Use this form to record the information about adoptive, step and biological birth parents in your ancestry.

     Adoptive/Step Parent Ancestral Chart (JPG)

     Adoptive/Step Parent Ancestral Chart (PDF)

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