Tracing Your Genealogy

Genealogy and Your Family Tree

Genealogy is the study of our family history. It is your own unique and appreciably different family tree that makes you who you are, and makes your children who they are.

The study of your family tree, or your family’s lineage is one that isn’t duplicated in any other family in the world, as each will have different branches and windings along the way through history.

Genealogy consists of who is part of that family, birth and death dates and who is related to them, and related in what way.

Quite often your journey through your family tree will take you to places that you never imagined. You will discover that that old family legend about being related to Jesse James or the Native American woman ages back has some merit. Or you might discover that it doesn’t.

Your journey through your own history will take you to a time that is long since gone, but you’re going to feel a part of it by virtue of what you discover happened there.

Throughout history, genealogy has been a crucial field of study to many countries and people. While today we view it as something we want to know, in order to know where our family has been and what they have done, that wasn’t always the case.

Genealogy was used to determine bloodlines, which were used to determine hereditary rights and properties. In some societies genealogy was used to determine who would inherit a property, a title or even a vast fortune.

In the case of days such as the middle ages, genealogy, patents and titles and entire fortunes were dependent upon the outcome of a genealogical study. Today‚Äôs society fortunately doesn’t have quite so much riding on the study of a family in most cases. Amazingly enough, fortunes have been made even in modern times that were dependent on the outcome of a family history though.

Your own study of your family history will quite likely be because you’re curious, or you are interested in finding out a good bit more about your family tree. You will want to know about your grandparents, your great grandparents, where they came from and how they arrived in this country.

Finding your country of origination is interesting and its fun. Finding out that you have a cousin who lives across the country, or even across town that you never heard of is one of the most fun part of genealogy.

Setting up a family tree online so that others can access it and help to develop it is one of the most fun and interesting ways to study your genealogy, and to share it with others. Genealogy is a study as well as a hobby. In time and with some study, you will be able to assist others in their organization and documentation of their own family tree or family history.

The study of genealogy is not merely today to prove bloodlines, but in fact, to offer to your own family and to your children a sense of where the family came from and maybe even where they are going. A Scandinavian family may have been fishermen, while those from Italy may have been bakers. Filling out the family tree with a history of what your family has done, where they’ve lived and along the way, finding out some interesting and exciting new information about your family is one of the best reasons for beginning the study of genealogy. Your family history and the development of your family tree can be one of the most enjoyable and exciting learning experiences of your lifetime.

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